Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yellowstone Lake & Bridge Bay

Here are some shots taken while walking to bridge bay which is about 2 miles from lake hotel. Lake hotel can be seen in the distant from the photos below.

Bridge Bay area where mostly RVs come here for campground and also to rent boats or getting the chance for some tours provided for a fee for some sightseeing of the yellowstone lake

After having spending sometime at bridge bay we decided to try our luck at hitching back and it was quite lucky for us that a couple who forgot some stuffs at canyon lodge made a U-Turn and came upon us and picked us up. The couple have 3 children but were at canyon and thus we were able to fit 3 people nicely and we made it in time for the EDR too.
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Fishing Bridge

Walking for 1-2 miles from lake hotel we came to the fishing bridge but no you can't fish here. This is due to the preservation of the fishes here like the trout for example but still the view is pretty good.

A friend from taiwan.
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Lake Hotel

Lake Hotel is the most expensive among all the lodges in yellowstone and when i went in i could see why as it was well furnished and elegant unlike cabins.

Front view of lake hotel

Lake view outside lake hotel

Employee's dining room (EDR) of Lake

Distant view of lake hotel
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Trip to Lake cont...

Stopped by the geyser by the side while on the way to lake lodge to take some pictures. The smell of the caldron however was pretty nasty but it was real nice to see one up close.

Shot of pelicans by the river
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Trip to Lake Lodge

Plan was to take the bus tour provided by Xanterra to visitors for a fee which employees like us can actually leech the tour if enough customers are paying and also depending on the ratio of employees trying to get on as well (eg if only 1o customers are going for the tour (many tours for different destinations for yellowstone park 2.2 mil acres) then only like 2-3 employees are allowed). We were unlucky to miss the bus which didn't stop at canyon due to no customers boarding from canyon lodge and therefore we decided to hitchhike to lake lodge. A kind lady named March who is an employee of Old Faithful Village gave us a ride while we were walking out from canyon lodge who incidentally was also waiting for the same bus as us due to only available from canyon village and drove all the way to canyon. She was kind enough to stop by certain stops to let us take some wildlife and other wonderful photos below.

Group of bison eating and relaxing on the plain

Some close up shots of bison(s) while in the car

Another close up taken

Baby bison(s)

*Will find the time to adjust the previous posts to the time went for the trip and input more information.

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